A New York business presence, Yosef Bleier owns and manages Diamond Dealers Club NYC, the largest diamond trade organization in the country. Dedicated to providing clients with quality premium gems, he and his staff obtain diamonds through a highly reliable network of sources. Yosef Bleier maintains extensive knowledge of gemology and longstanding relationships in the industry. For many years, he has worked alongside the son of the family that owns Leviev Diamonds in marketing and sales capacities. His entrepreneurial efforts have made the Diamond Dealers Club one of the leading diamond exchanges in the world and have resulted in consistent sales expansion over the past 17 years.Mr. Bleier is an avid traveler who enjoys visits to Israel, among other destinations. He has had the opportunity to visit Tel Aviv’s oldest quarter, Jaffa. He also enjoys visits to the beaches of Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba. Mr. Bleier maintains a strong community focus, which includes fundraising for elder care and volunteer work at nursing homes. Yosef Bleier has a deep-seated interest in Judaism and in the practice of Buddhism.


Yeshiva Ohr Sameach, Jerusalem


Sep 1993 - Sep 1997


Self Employed, Businessman; Diamond Dealers Club NYC

Owner; Manager

Sep 1997 - Present | New York

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